Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Queue for the Zoo - Archer Shirt Perfection!

When I first spied the Liberty Spring 2014 collection I knew I would need to make an Archer from Queue for the Zoo. Seriously people - those giraffe's are wearing boots and the parrot is wearing a hat! I stalked the Shaukat website, waiting for them to list it and snapped it up within minutes of it going on sale.
I adore this Archer shirt! I think it's my favourite to date. Unfortunately these photos are crappy. It was far too hot and bright to take them, but it was the only time I managed without the kids hassling me. At least you can see the shape.

This shows my supreme pattern matching. I'm am so proud of this. I also love the duck egg blue buttons which coordinate perfectly without being too matchy matchy or out-there.
Even though my previous Archers have been incredibly successful, I made a few new changes to the pattern this time around. The most important was to ensure pattern matching easier by omitting the front button band. To do this, I simply didn't trim the centre front edge of the right front piece and finished both front pieces as per the instructions for the left. I also left off the pockets as I don't think this fabric needs them.
As with my previous Archers, I shortened the sleeves, brought the shoulder line in about 1/2 an inch, French seamed the sleeves for rolling and this time also removed the tiniest bit of ease from the sleeve cap.

I love this. My husband thinks it's way too crazy to wear, but we all know not to listen to our horrible husbands on matters all involving Liberty and shirts!

Happy hump day for tomorrow!

Pattern: Grainline Archer shirt, used before = Free
Fabric: 1.5m Liberty Queue for the Zoo inc part shipping
Interfacing and thread from stash
Buttons: 9 x matt duck egg blue buttons from Spotlight = $4.41
Total: $49.16


  1. Oh my! I LOVE this fabric in the Archer. Another fabulous Archer...seriously, I am starting to think I'm missing out on something here ;-) Looks great on you.

  2. This is just perfect! My DH would be suitably perplexed as well, but it's fabulous!! - love the buttons!

  3. That fabric is too cute. I've been eying it off in another colourway. I'm yet to make myself a collared-button-up for myself. I've made plenty for my husband (mostly out of Liberty) but never feel like its quite my style even though I love them on others. Yours looks lovely. Bernice

  4. Very cute fabric, love your use of French seams for rolling - brilliant will tell my son he's just made a shirt and this would have been such a great thing to do

  5. Wow! I love your Archer. I made the Archer and am planning future versions. I love this one -- and great job with the matching!

  6. Thanks Bernice, You should jump and try one. I usually wear them with skinnies or a simple denim skirt. Though all my skinnies are getting shabby :)

  7. Ha ha - I'm learning Disqus and just replied to you instead of someone else. :)

  8. Yes the French seams make a difference in my opinion :)

  9. This is a wonderful pattern matching piece. How wonderful.

  10. Fantastic pattern matching and lovely Archer!

  11. Hi Christy,

    sorry to comment on an "old" post but I wanted to ask you is that correct that you can make an archer from 1.5m of liberty fabric? I'm thinking of making an archer from liberty and wondering about the meterage.
    On the pattern it said something around 2-2.5yards?
    thanks so much ...

    PS: LOVE your blog!!!!


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