Sunday, February 9, 2014

Skinny Thurlows V6!

Last year I made 7 pairs of trousers, which you can see here on my 'sewing 2013' page. Five of those were based on the Thurlow pattern. Of these, four pairs (these, these, these and these) were on very high rotation during Autumn and Winter. So much so, that they are looking a little sad :(
To prevent a wardrobe crisis when the cooler weather eventually strikes, I knocked up another pair in basic black to help see me through the year.
This fabric is a stretch pant weight fabric from Tessuti. I think it might have been on sale. I don't know what the exact composition is, but it is very polyester and very stretchy. I think about 25% stretch with good recovery. As the fabric is so super stretchy, it is perfect for very slim Thurlows. I narrowed the leg even more to get a slimmer finish.
They aren't perfect and there are a few wrinkles/ripples along the side seams, but they are good enough.
Considering I borrowed the Thurlow pattern from a friend and traced  my size, I think I can definitely say I've gotten good value from it :) Unfortunately though, I do feel slightly bored with the pattern now. I find many of my earlier pairs quite corporate and I'd like to relax my style a little, especially at school.

So what shall I do? I love pleated pant styles, but found my first dabble with Burda 7250 was a disaster and I'm not sure I want to go back there. I feel like I'm on an eternal quest for non-distressed charcoal skinny jeans and have been unable to find any. Should I try to make some? Where can I find dark grey/charcoal denim or nice stable twill/drill? What pattern could I use without having to fuss too much over fit?

Do you have any suggestions for me and the future of my trouser/pant making? Or can you just point me in the direction of some nice skinny jeans in dark charcoal? :)

Pattern: Sewaholic Thurlows -heavily modified/slimmed. Used before= Free
Fabric: 1m black stretch pant fabric from Tessuti= $20
Zipper: $1
Interfacing, hook/slide, remnant for facing, thread: $2
Total: $23.00


  1. What about the Named Jamie Jeans? I'm thinking of giving them a go this year. No idea re: fabric though. I think you've nailed the fit with your Thurlows though!

  2. I was JUST about to suggest the named Jamie jeans. I just knocked out a pair and they fit me BEAUTIFULLY. If you're willing to pay international shipping for fabric, mood has a bunch of theory denim. They have a black one that I'm planning to get for my next Jamie jeans!

  3. I'm with Rachel - Named Jamie Jeans. I've seen so many great versions and the fitting doesn't seem to be too troublesome. Famous last words? Fabric? Last time I popped into Lincraft down south here they had a huge amount of denim in many colours. I think it was a huge load gotten from a clothing manufacturer and there was some good stuff. Send me an email if you'd like more deets.

  4. Two votes for Jamie jeans. Might have to start thinking....

  5. I think I may have to look around and start thinking about the Jamie jeans. Thanks:)

  6. Only yesterday I redrafted the Thurlow pattern to skinnify them (as per the tutorial on Sewaholic's blog). I'm nervous about how much I've taken them in, but they are super wide to begin with. I bought the polka dot denim which Spotty has at the moment using my 40% off voucher, so if they don't work out it's not a big deal. It was a toss up between skinny thurlow's or Clovers, but given the many fitting issues most people have with Clovers, I'll stick with what I know. I'm interested to see what you come up with, I always enjoy your makes.

  7. Wow, you're the trouser queen! 7 pairs in a year. I like these ones. Nice fit! I haven't purchased clothes for myself for over a year now but had so many pairs of jeans and pants in my wardrobe anyway. But as they all start to wear out, I think this year I am going to have to think about making some more pants for myself. I'm intrigued by Jamie jeans too.

  8. I made 7 pairs, but only 4 were good :) I'm interested in the Jamie pattern, but I'm not sure about the seam down the front. We'll see though. I haven't spent money on clothes for a while, so I may just buy something

  9. Might have to check out the denim at Spotty. I found the Clovers problematic :) They were one of the unworn pairs of trousers from last year.

  10. Gosh, I love these! I have yet to make the Thurlows (shocking!) but I think they may be next up after I finish my jeans, and I'd like to make them with the slimmer leg like you did here.


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