Monday, February 17, 2014

Work in progress

I've been enjoying some slow sewing this past week. I'm sure you've noticed that fast sewing is my normal order of business and I do like fast, but this has been a pleasant change.

Assisted by an extra day off school last week due to a sick kid (Adele and her crappy tonsils!), I managed to get a cracking start to what is looking like its going to be my first successful winter jacket.
Talk about out of season sewing! My husband thinks I'm totally nuts, but at least I'll be ready when it does eventually gets cold. I need to find some buttons and finish the hem, but then it will be done.

Even though my first jacket isn't quite finished, I can't help but plan my next. I still have my Tessuti jacquard waiting for a good pattern. I quite like the look of Burda Raglan Jacket 06/2013 #123. What do you think?
I also purchased some Tory Burch wool coating from The Fabric Store during their recent sale. It's a lovely deep teal/peacock colour, which isn't represented well in this photo. Again I don't know what to make with it, but I like Burda A Line 60s Jacket 02/2014 #132. I think it will look cute with skinnies. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions?

And because three jackets clearly isn't enough when you live in Australia, I also have plans to make a French jacket with this lovely wool silk boucle from Emma One Sock. I think I may also purchase The Couture Cardigan Jacket to help me with this make or ask for it for my birthday. Can anyone tell me if it's a helpful resource?
Lastly, I may have also received a new pattern in the post today. I can't wait to crack it open to make a new shirt with this very delish cotton silk which is also from The Fabric Store
Clearly I have big plans. Ones that involve a lot of time, but for now I really need to focus on programming and planning for school. Fun!

Happy Monday!


  1. Ooh is your jacket a Burda pattern? I really like the collar. Can't wait to see it when it's finished, it looks really cute.

  2. The jacket is so cute, and I love the fabric you've picked! The turquoise coating is fantastic!

  3. Is your jacket #127 from Burda 9/09? I love that collar. I also bought the couture jacket with flimsy plans to make a French style jacket, haven't found the right boucle yet though (now off to check Emma one sock thanks to you!)

  4. Yes it's a Burda jacket that you've made before. I mixed it with the Colette Anise to get a more tailored look as my first attempt at the Burda jacket was a too unprofessional

  5. Thanks, I'm hanging to make the teal jacket, but am worried about pattern selection. There's just so much more work in a coat that I don't want to fall on pattern. Cheers :)

  6. Yes it is an older Burda pattern. Good spotting! I"ll post more about it once I finish the lining and buttons :)


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